Custom TV Display cabinet

The tale of two units!


Custom projects are really what I love to create at Was Wood Co. Choose the style and picking the wood is great fun and because I love to use resin in our projects, you can really customise the finish. I offer a range of coloured resin dyes and shimmers and we are happy to send you a link to our colour charts. Please go to our customs page for more info.

During the early part of 2020 I was commissioned to build a Custom TV Display cabinet. The cabinet would fit in the alcove and be floor to ceiling for a perfect fit. Custom built items means you can have exactly the size and shape you want. We are happy to come to your home to measure and quote.

After obtaining all the required measurements the marine ply was cut and sanded with the first grit of 180. This was to see how the wood was and check for any imperfections etc. When this first stage is complete the unit was constructed as it would be on site.

Jigsaw pieces for tv unit
Tv unit beech ply first construct


After I was happy with the construction of the unit, the wood was then deconstructed for its first polyurethane coating. Polyurethane gives a fantastic finish. We recommend you watch some videos on application to achieve your best result if you would like to try this for yourself. I used Dulux trade polyurethane. We have a link here. I was very pleased with how this product went on to the wood and the overall finish. After the first coat is applied and left for 24 hours to dry fully, the ply was then sanded to 240 grit to smooth the finish. During the polyurethane application process the grain of the wood is lifted and I find that a 240 grit does a good job of smoothing the overall pieces at this stage

The unit is then ready for its second coat. I use the same process, apply the polyurethane, leave it to dry for 24 hours and then sand it. On the second sanding I use 400 grit as the ply is already fairly smooth and this grit allows me to take off the bare minimum of raised grain. Last but not least, the ply then has a third coat, 24 hours to dry and sanded with 600 grit. This produces a super smooth, glass like finish. It does take time, however I feel the finish justifies the time spent.

Custom made doors with peacock blue green first pour

Then, disaster!!!!!

The corona virus hits two weeks before the project was set to be constructed and completed at my client’s home. After being in lockdown for a month and unsure as to when it would be lifted the client could not wait any longer and had to cancel the order. This was such a shame but understandable

I had been considering what to do with the completed project for 3 months and luckily I received a second enquiry. This time for a desk with some storage for an AirBnB rental in Kent. The client had had feedback from the renters that a desk would be a great addition to the room and she was keen to have this done after a revamp during lockdown. I drew up some potential designs and after everything was agreed, I transformed the project into a corner style computer desk instead. This took me a week to recut and size the panels and construct the base cupboard. The new client was keen to use the doors as well as she loved them. The colour was a perfect accent to the curtains and cushions. What luck!

I am very pleased with the outcome. The client is pleased with the outcome. Eventually it was win win.

corner unit left door
unit with both doors on
unit left view
unit complete side view

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