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Who I am


Thank you for taking the time to visit the “about me” page of the website. My name is Matt and I am the creator of Was Wood Co. I founded the company because I love designing and creating bespoke pieces of furniture. The company is based in Kent and I use the best wood stock from local sources. Within the pieces I create I like to incorporate a live edge piece of wood, this showcase’s the wonderful natural patterns and grains within natural wood.

Eucalyptus Chainsaw action shot
Waswood serpentine left side view


After making a few pieces of my own from wood and resin, I decided to apply these techniques to an existing piece of furniture and I was exceptionally pleased with the results. It was really satisfying taking a damaged, old piece of furniture and sanding away the knocks and scrapes of 50 years and creating something new and unique from what remained. I enjoyed the fact that the end result can be used rather than be thrown away. Recycle, upcycle, refresh and reuse will be my motto for 2020 and beyond. 


Another product line that I enjoy creating is Charcuterie boards, this gives me the opportunity to showcase the grain and textures of natural wood. The picture to the right is a lovely piece of wood with a natural yellow grain throughout the piece. Every piece of wood is unique and being able to show the natural colours within the piece. The process of sanding the project to a super smooth finish is satisfying when I see the end result.

Long beech charcuterie board
Lovely Beech Wood Charcuterie Board


As a general guide a charcuterie board I produce has at least a full days worth of sanding (40 grit to 600 grit) and moistening with a damp cloth in order to raise the grain again, this process is followed up to 10 times before finally being oiled with a food safe oil and sealed with beeswax.

In summary, I love working with any type of furniture, wood and resin. This maybe a large fully designed kitchen, corner TV unit or small charcuterie, chopping or cheese board. 

I also work with resin to create not just river run tables but also bespoke pieces of jewellery, in the colour and size of your choice.

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