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Pallet Wood Table Construction

Table Construction

Within this blog I will list out the process I follow for Pallet Wood Table Construction that produce the beautiful looking and super smooth tables.

  • Carefully select the pallet wood to use
  • Ensure all nails/screws are removed 
  • Choose the size of the final table you require.
  • Sand the wood to 240 grit so the wood is flat and smooth
  • Glue the wood to table top
  • Leave for 24 hrs to fully harden
  • Router the top of the table flat and smooth
  • Fill all gaps with resin, so table is water tight
Pallet wood table
Pallet table routering
Pallet table oiled
  • Mix and pour the resin
  • Use a blow torch or brule burner to remove air bubbles
  • Leave for 2 days to fully cure
  • Sand off top to final smooth finish
  • From 240 to 600 grit
  • Finally polish to a high shine

That is the process I follow for Pallet Wood Table Construction

Pallet table corner view
Pallet wood top view
Pallet wood table full view

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