Part Exchange Plan

Part Exchange Plan

I will be commencing a part exchange plan for all purchases of my products at the Wildwinds Emporium shop. The part exchange rate will depend on the price of the purchase and the quality of the exchange item.

I am starting this process in order to recycle furniture that customers are finished with, rather than the products being thrown away. 

Below are 2 products that were created from a donated piece of furniture upon delivery.

The donated product was a battered slab of kitchen worktop

Diamond table top
Diagonal view of the end of metallic river run table

Then I can create more wonderful products that can be sold on and the part exchange movement can gain momentum. 

If anybody has any furniture they are planning on throwing away, how about getting in touch by email with photos and we can discuss collection of the product.

This is a lot better for the environment and then all the furniture that have served you well for years, can be refreshed and serve someone else for many years to come.

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