Stripey Wooden Chopping Board

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Within this blog I will list out the process I follow to create the lovely looking and super smooth stripey wooden chopping boards.

  • Carefully select the types of wood to use, to contrast in colours
  • Choose the size of chopping board your project will make (18″ x 12″ seen below)
  • Cut all wood 1/2″ longer than the width of board you want to create
  • Use an extra piece of wood at each end of the board to prevent damage from vice
  • Cut all slats to the same depth, I use 34 mm as a depth for example
  • Glue slats together whilst resting on 2 x long vice
  • Glue boards together with an extra 1 inch in length to allow for compression
  • Use a large heavy board to rest on top to stop warping
  • Use 2 or 3 more grips from above to compress fully
  • Tighten all grips again after 30 minutes to allow for glue seepage
  • Leave for 2 days for the glue to fully harden
  • Undo all grips and remove the protective slats
  • Sand off excess glue
  • Cut to final size required
  • Sand top and bottom of board and all sides from 120 to 800 grit
  • Moisten board with a damp cloth and sand again to 800 grit
  • Repeat moistening and sanding up to 10 times to remove grain
  • Finally soak the board in Mineral Oil to protect the wood
  • Leave to dry and store flat
  • Flip board twice weekly for a month to ensure no warping

That is the full process for the construction of a stripey wooden chopping board

I will be creating several further examples this year using some very rare wood I have purchased. Purple Heart, Iroko and Paduak these are very distinctive colours, purple, deep brown and orange.

Below is an example of a stripey chopping board I created using the exact process detailed above.

Stripey chopping board top view

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