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Reusable Container for Resin Pours

The boxes other companies use are generally individually sized and used only once, however the technique I use is designed to be re-used many times over.

Reusable container for resin pours.

  • I have large slab of old kitchen work top that i use as a base for all my boxes
  • On the base board I mark out an area that is at least 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the project I am doing
  • The 4 sides need to be at least 1 inch taller than the project thickness
  • The base board designated area is completely covered with sealant tape
  • The sides are also completely taped to protect them
  • I screwed the 4 sides to the base board from below every 4 inches
  • The joints where the sides meet each other and the base board are now taped
  • Place the project within the box and clamp in place
  • I use 4 clamps that clamp either end of the project, I have 2 brace struts that hold the project in place that span the entire length of the project and hold it securely in place
  • Heat the room to 24 degrees celsuis
  • Then I mix the resin, pour resin, (stir for desired effect if using shimmer powder)
  • I use blow torch to remove air bubbles that are created
  • Leave for 3 days to fully cure and cool room
  • Unscrew the 4 sides and remove project from box
  • I finally sand and polish the project to complete it

I have modified my process many times and above is the best way i have found to eliminate leakage and maintain the integrity of the project

Reusable container for resin pours.

Below are four examples of table tops and chopping boards that I created when I poured using this technique of Reusable Container for Resin Pours.

Resin boards created using a reusable container for resin pours
Blue resin board created using a reusable container for resin pours

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