September Birth Colour Pendant

September | Blue

At WasWoodCo we are delighted to offer our range of Resin birth colour pendants. I have created a birth coloured pendant for each month that can be customised to your specifications.

Here are the September birth colour pendants. I will go through the characteristics of the people born in the month of September and the attributes of the colour Blue. Below is an example of each embellishment displayed on a September pendant. Choose your own style as a gift for you, your friends and relatives.

What are the characteristics of those born in September?

What we love about people born in September  

  • They love everything
  • They are perfectionists
  • September people get bored easily
  • They are affectionate
  • They eat everything
  • People born in September are over thinkers

Characteristics of the colour Blue

  • Blue evokes the clarity and purity of crystalline waters
  • Exhilaration and relaxing qualities of the sea 
  • It is a soothing influence
  • Blue is calming and cleansing
  • It also inspires truth, trust and letting go

Customise your september birthDay colour Pendants

Sept tree of life

Tree of Life

The beautiful Tree of Life fits perfectly on our on 1" September Blue coloured round Pendant. A unique gift for people born in the month of September

Sept angel wings

Angel Wings

Angel Wings are a sign of being loved and protected. Custom order your own Angel Winged pendant for your loved ones born in September

Sept hollow moon

Silhouette Moon

The silhouette moon embellishment is a great addition to the Blue coloured pendant. It rests well in the centre showing off the blue colour

dark blue triquetra


The Triquetra embellishment represents eternal life and longevity. A beautiful addition to the September birthday colour pendants. An ideal gift for the September free spirit

dark blue paw print

Paw Print

Are you an animal lover? Are they born in September? Then custom design your own September birth pendant and add this lovely Paw Print embellishment

September moon n star

Moon and Star

I love to the Moon and Stars and back again. This lovely pendant with Moon and Star embellishment is the perfect unique gift for those you love born in September

dark blue hollow star

Silhouette Star

The silhouette star embellishment is small and dainty. It shows off the blue colour of the September pendant. A perfect gift if you want to emphasise the blue colour

dark blue tiny heart

Tiny Heart

The tiny heart embellishment is small and cute. Understated but the message is clear when given as a gift. Love is the best gift that can be given to anybody

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